Family Album

In this new piece, She She Pop will confront themselves with the monstrous subject of family. As a way of living, a burdensome inheritance, a pain in the neck, and the last resort from neoliberal loneliness: the family. We constantly need to break free from it, and then we go searching for it again. Group pictures are the medium the nuclear family successfully uses for its propaganda. The performers fearlessly open their personal photo albums as well as those of cultural history. They discover: these pictures do not lie. They unmask us. They invade our inner archives on how the world works. As authors, photographers and family members, She She Pop will put up an aesthetic fight, re-create the scenario, and deny everything.
The audience is invited to join a large family gathering. Pictures are taken, shown, and interpreted. All people present are part of this forced familial community. All of them find themselves surprised at family likeness they find. All of them are seduced and lulled by the sweet sounds of almost forgotten music-making in the home. All of them remember the lyrics faintly. Family Album is a performance in which a family gathering and a photo shoot blend, a hopeful swan song for the neurotic hatchery of our society.


Concept: She She Pop.
With: Sebastian Bark, Fanni Halmburger, Lisa Lucassen, Ilia Papatheodorou, Berit Stumpf.
Production management: Elke Weber.
Assistant production management: Sarah Bonnert.
Technical direction: Sebastian Rietz.
Music: Vicki Schmatolla and SSP.
Video: Bianca Schemel und SSP.
Assistant costumes: Keren Korman.
Choreographical advice: Nir de Volff.

Coproduced by Hebbel am Ufer Berlin and FFT Düsseldorf.

premiere, March 2008, HAU 2, Berlin
Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.



past dates:
June , 2008, FFT, Düsseldorf
March , 2008, HAU 2, Berlin
March 8, 2008, HAU 2, Berlin