Feld der Verklärung

Site specific perfomance for the festival Zeitenwende in Gießen, in which one night is turned into a day. In a free space in the middle of the town, She She Pop hold a nocturnal congress on dreams, using texts by Nerval, Hobson and William Boyd. On these Fields of Transfiguration, the cool analysis of sleep research meets a poetic investigation of dream-like conditions.


By and with: J. Freiburg, C. Jansen, L. Lucassen, K. Oberlik, I. Papatheordorou.
Stage: F. Halmburger.
Music: S. Bark.

Premiere: Juli 2000, Festival Zeitenwende, Gießen.

A Coproduction with the festival Zeitenwende, Gießen.


past dates:
July , 2000, Festival Zeitenwende, Gießen