Maze 1.0

The Shichifukujin

The stage is a pop-up postcard. On it, the Shichifukujin (Japanese Gods in charge of happiness) appear as a band and try to promise happiness in a way that is as complete and perfect as a musical.


By and with: K. Oberlik, I. Papatheodorou, L. Lucassen, C. Jansen.
Music: S. Bark & Erobique. Stage: F. Halmburger.

Premiere: Mai 2000, Podewil Berlin.

A Coproduction with the festival reich & berühmt, Podewil Berlin and  EXPO 2000, Hannover.

Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.


past dates:
May , 2000, Festival reich & berühmt Podewil, Berlin
June , 2000, , Hannover