Schubladen Radio Play

Six women open their secret drawers. Three of them grew up in the former Federal Republic of Germany, three of them in the GDR. More than 20 years after the fall of the wall, they now decide it is time to get to know one another better. So they delve into autobiographical material: letters, diaries, their personal inner archives of images and music. She She Pop and their East German colleagues pledge themselves to polyphony, to collective narratives. Gaps, inaccuracies and missing links are part of the system. Who were we? Who are we? Why have we become this way?


Concept and Regie: She She Pop
With: Annett Gröschner, Alexandra Lachmann, Peggy Mädler, Johanna Freiburg, Ilia Papatheodorou, Nina Tecklenburg.
Further Contribution: Lisa Lucassen, Wenke Seemann, Katharina Lorenz, Barbara Gronau, Anja Dürrschmidt et. al.
Sound: Max Knoth, Andreas Narr
Technical Direction: Philipp Adelmann
Dramaturgy: Barbara Gerland
Susanne Franzmeyer

Production Deutschlandradio Kultur 2013

Length: 54’30.


past dates:
October 17, 2019, um 22:03 Uhr, Deutschlandfunk
February 23/24, 2015, 23. um 15:00 Uhr, 24. um 20:03 Uhr, Radio Bayern2
October 14, 2013, In Kooperation mit Deutschlandradio Kultur. Hörspiel nach der Performance Schubladen von She She Pop., 00:05 Uhr, Deutschlandradio Kultur
October 13, 2013, Präsentation des Hörspiels Schubladen im HAU. Der Eintritt ist frei!, Berlin