She She P. is the Marquise of O.

Foto: Bettina Stöß
Foto: Bettina Stöß
Foto: Bettina Stöß
Foto: Bettina Stöß
Foto: Bettina Stöß

In Kleist’s Marquise, She She Pop have met their match. Never before or after has the public been so determinedly confronted with personal shame and disgrace: the Marquise announces her inexplicable pregnancy in the local newspaper in order to propose to her unknown, alleged rapist.

What the Marquise has (and which we lack) is a destiny. We watch her speechlessly and full of envy as she wades through low points with her head held high. How does one do that? In a scenic self-experiment, certain members of She She Pop will present the Marquise’s most important strategies and apply them to themselves, in particular: the blind date with the public, the hostile takeover of responsibility, and, last but not least, the initial loss of control due to fainting.


By and with: Lisa Lucassen and Sebastian Bark.
Dramaturgical Advice: Ilia Papatheodorou. 
Costume & stage design:
 Sandra Fox.
Light Design: Gregor Roth.
Assistant: Sabine Salzmann.

premiere, November 2011, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin



past dates:
May 22/23, 2013, SESC Festival Palco Giratório, Porto Alegre, Brasilien
November 12/13/18/19/21/30, 2011, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin
November 11, 2011, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin