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An Evening in Black and White

We have removed the content related to this production from our website. Documentary material was used without our authorization and apparently without proper contextualization. We apologize for any harm that has been caused.

During the development of the material in 1995, we engaged with the biographies of European women who traveled through Africa and used these stories to address the racism contained within them. The artistic engagement at that time was conducted in a manner different from how we would approach our artistic work today. Today, the content should be read as a reproduction and is therefore no longer acceptable in an uncommented and uncontextualized form.


By and with: J. Freiburg, C. Jansen, L. Lucassen, M. Matzke, K. Oberlik, I. Papatheodorou, A. von Steht, B. Stumpf.


past dates:
February , 1995, Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft, Gießen
May , 1995, Theater im Löbershof, Gießen
May , 1996, Festival Junge Hunde, Hamburg