This year, the members of She She Pop will all be about 50. In Hexploitation they explore the fear of the ‘hag’ – the old woman and witch. The performers will be using their ageing bodies for this purpose: to fight against the invisibility and loss of status that women suffer in society when they are no longer of childbearing age. To this end, they lock themselves and the audience in a mise en scène reminiscent of a low-lit, kitschy film-set from which there is no escape.

September 19, 2020, HAU, Berlin
more dates:
September 20/22/23/24, 2020, HAU, Berlin
October 30/31, 2020, Kampnagel, Hamburg
on tour

Phone tree, helpline or hotline: Telephone-Canon isn’t a show, it’s a service. Whoever calls up will get one of the cast of “Canon” on the phone and hear about an essential moment in the performing arts. But the the canon is also open for your own tales and entries.

September 26/27, 2020, Grenzenlos Kultur Festival, Mainz
radio play

She She Pop ask their fathers to the radio studio to once again argue about money, love, heritage, 100 knights and King Lear.

November 04, 2020, Hörspiel der gleichnamigen Performance von und mit She She Pop and ihren Vätern, 22:03 Uhr, Deutschlandfunk Kultur
on tour

Property changes consciousness. It divides friends, gives one person power over others and excludes. Property is taken forgranted. And people don’t talk about it. Nothing is so constitutive of our society, or our lives together; nothing has such a divisive effect on our community as property.

January 14/15/16, 2021, Le Maillon Theater of Strasbourg – European stage, Straßburg
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City of Women Festival: “Reflecting 2019 /20”

Publication of the City of Women Festival (Ljubljana), where She She Pop performed “Drawers”.


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