Workshop: Oral History

In this workshop, She She Pop deals with memory, re-enactment and narration within a collective. (…) The actual creation of a narration is still considered as the activity of an individual genius, and there is no plural for Gedächtnis (memory). How can a collective develop content-related motifs and a narrative structure, based on self-chosen and transparent rules? How does a narration emerge as a polylogue in a group improvising according to those rules?


August 23-31, 2019, Universität der Künste, Berlin
on tour

Property changes consciousness. It divides friends, gives one person power over others and excludes. Property is taken forgranted. And people don’t talk about it. Nothing is so constitutive of our society, or our lives together; nothing has such a divisive effect on our community as property.

October 3/4, 2019, HAU, Berlin
on tour

The West-born women of She She Pop meet several adversaries raised in the East onstage in order to open up each other’s drawers. A history of the East-West German division will be told live, backed up by private and/or publically available text sources, and refereed by memories either in harmony with or contrary to the two great mid-twentieth century worldviews.

October 26/27, 2019, HELLERAU, Dresden


In their new revue “Canon” She She Pop turn the spotlight on those works of other artists and thinkers, which critically influenced and informed their work during the last 25 years. As a re-enactment of experienced moments of performance, this celebration of memory will by conceived, framed and formed by She She Pop in the here and now. Select surprise guests from the independent performance scene are invited to enrich the revue with contributions of their own. In this sense, “Canon” is a collective meditation on the writing of history and the “canonisation” of performance with all the tools of fleetingness, which this art form itself produces.

November 22, 2019, HAU, Berlin
more dates:
November 23/24/25/26, 2019, HAU, Berlin