“High” is a ceremony in a changeable, all-encompassing tent. Here we will gather behind the banner whose inscription we do not yet know. With explicit consideration of all resistances and differences, we will find a rhythm, rehearse a procession and eat from the dough that bears the imprint of all our hands. Until the melancholic, neoliberal ego monster is anaesthetised. Until we jump out of our skin and breathe a sigh of relief: all together. High time.


October 12, 2023, HAU 2, Berlin
more dates:
October 13/14, 2023, HAU 2, Berlin
October 15, 2023, HAU 2, Berlin
October 16/17, 2023, HAU 2, Berlin

Kollektive Schönheit – Workshoppresentation

In a summer course, She She Pop and students from the UdK Berlin are working on conceptual art, a form that is completely committed to the idea of artistic-creative thought. It offers an ingenious foil for collective work, for non-hierarchical cooperation between artists of different disciplines. The results will be shown in a public presentation.

With: Students of the UdK and She She Pop (Johanna Freiburg, Ilia Papatheodorou and Berit Stumpf)

Public presentation: 26.08.2023, 6 p.m., Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin

Free Entrance