Abenteuer Schwingung Hörspiel

Radio play in collaboration with the Hamburg musician Felix Kubin. She She Pop and Felix Kubin present a Cabinet of Curiosities of the Supernatural.

“Abenteuer Schwingung” is also an information and educational program covering topics from metaphysics to parapsychology. As radio itself reaches households through vibrations, it is predisposed to explore phenomena such as hypnosis, manifestations of the unconscious, and other subtle energies. The program is hosted by a moderator who engages in discussions and daring experiments with experts from biochemistry, engineering, popular science, psychology, and bizarre radiation research. They all undergo astonishing experiences.


By: She She Pop und Felix Kubin
Direction and Music: die AutorInnen
With: Johanna Freiburg, Claudia Jansen, Felix Kubin, Elisabeth Lucassen, Katharina Oberlik und Berit Stumpf
Sound and Technics: Andreas Narr und Sabine Winkler
Production: DLR Berlin 2000
Length: 54’22
Broadcast Premiere: October 9, 2000.


past dates:
January 31, 2024, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Berlin
October , 2000, DeutschlandRadio, Berlin